CocoDonkey is a native Cocoa client for the mldonkey daemon. It is simple but it provides the useful features and it is meant to be extended. This program is free and delivered under the LGPL license.

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The provided functionalities are the following:

The things to come:


This software is free. It is more than free because it is provided through the Lesser Gnu Plublc License. Briefly speaking, it means that you can freely use the software and modifiy it in almost any way. The counterpart is that you don't have any warranty concerning the quality of the software provided here, the results that you can get with it or any harm that can occur to you through the use of it.


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If you want to be involved in this project, please send an email at me.

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History of the versions:

0.25 (31/12/2002)

0.24 (10/8/2002)

0.23 (internal release)

0.22 (10/7/2002)

0.21 (6/7/2002)

0.20 (internal release)

0.19 (24/06/2002)

0.18 (02/06/2002)

0.17 (26/05/2002)

0.16 (19/05/2002)

0.15 (19/05/2002)

0.14 (17/05/2002)

0.13 (16/05/2002)

0.1 (14/05/2002)


They are now in a separate page.